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Is Anchor™ DCMS suitable for business other than diving?

Anchor™ DCMS is designed to manage all water sports businesses such as Diving Centers, Diving Resorts, Freediving facilities, boat fleet operators, paraglide operators, etc.

Do I get free updates?

Yes, all Anchor™ subscribers get planned updates and version upgrades. Version upgrades are subjected to the subscribed version of Anchor™.

Can I upgrade Anchor™ Lite to Anchor™ Ultimate?

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription from Anchor™ Lite to Anchor™ Ultimate, and all of your data will be saved and upgraded.

What if I don't have a permanent Internet connection?

Anchor™ is a cloud-based SaaS, so it is not supported offline. However, you can ask for Anchor™ Enterprise Edition which was designed to operate offline.

What is Anchornize Platform?

Anchornize Platform is part of the Anchornize Platform and is a diver's social community, it is where divers meet, share, and socialize. Anchor™ DCMS is fully integrated into Anchornize Platform to help subscribers gain more customers and communicate with their customers.

Will Anchor™ help me in digital marketing?

Anchor™ includes many tools for digital marketing such as promotions emails, customer segmentation reports, customer relationship insights, and many more tools to help you refine your targeted customers.

Are my customers visible to other Anchor™ subscribers?

No, each subscriber maintains an isolated database of customers, that is not accessible by any other subscriber.

Does Anchor™ Lite support activity acknowledgment and cancellation for divers in the operations module?

No, Anchor™ Lite doesn't support activity acknowledgment or status changes.

Does Anchor™ Lite support automatic invoicing?

No, automatic invoicing is available in Anchor™ DCMS Ultimate, Anchor™ DCMS Enterprise, and Anchor™ MMS only.

How can Anchor™ subscribers be visible on Anchornize Platform?

Subscribers must define valid packages with defined pricing to be visible in Anchornize Platform Explore and Reservations.

Can subscribers hide accounting documents from syncing with Anchornize Platform?

Yes, subscribers can opt to stop syncing accounting documents such as issued sales invoices, issued cash receipts, etc. from being synced with Anchornize Platform users.

When Anchornize Platform diver is added to my Anchor™ DCMS customers database?

Anchornize Platform divers are added automatically to your Anchor™ DCMS customer database the first time they make a reservation at your business unit.

What is the Customer Card?

Is an electronic record to track your customer activities during the check-in - check-out process. Customer card maintains all activities planned and acknowledged, milestones, rented equipment, notes, accommodation details, etc. It is how an operator can follow up with customers, and is the basis for automatic invoicing, automatic trip management, and automatic generation for guide’s roster.

What is the customer milestone?

A milestone is a single day in a customer card. Each milestone can contain an unlimited number of activities and transfer plans.

Does Anchor™ support accounting in Multi-Currency?

Yes, all Anchor™ BMS editions support 165 currencies. Multi-currency is based on isolated ledgers and transactions per each currency.

What is the base currency required for a new subscription?

It is the currency required during fiscal year closing. Stakeholder's equity is converted to base currency with gain/loss calculations (available only to Anchor™ DCMS Enterprise)

Can I add an Anchornize Platform member diver to my Anchor™ DCMS customer database?

Yes, you can search Anchornize Platform members using Gmail email to add members to your local customers database.

Do customer profile changes I made into my own customer database update Anchornize Platform diver profile?

Not all changes are replicated. Please refer to the replication help document to get more details about how data is being synced between Anchor™ DCMS and Anchornize Platform.

Is Anchor™ BMS multi-language?

Anchor™ BMS interface is supported in English only in current versions. You can enter information in any language you desire.

Can subscriber import customer profiles into Anchor™ DCMS?

Yes, subscribers can import customer profiles and employee profiles by uploading Excel sheet using Anchor™ import tool.

Does Anchor™ BMS comply with GDPR?

Yes, Anchor™ BMS fully complies with GDPR

Is Anchor™ BMS secure?

Yes, Anchor™ BMS is fully encrypted using the latest standards of data encryption

For how long subscriber data will be retained after ending the subscription?

For how long subscriber data will be retained after ending the subscription? After a subscriber ends his subscription, data will be kept for 3 3-month grace period. After the grace period ends, all subscriber data will be permanently deleted and is not recoverable.

Does Anchor™ DCMS compatible with Egyptian CDWS?

Yes, all editions of Anchor™ DCMS support exporting daily situation data to Egyptian CDWS-compatible format

What is the difference between Anchor™ BMS, Anchor™ DCMS, and Anchor™ MMS?

Anchor™ BMS is a set of software solutions dedicated to business management. Anchor™ DCMS is a subset of Anchor™ BMS for the water sports business. Anchor™ MMS is a subset of Anchor™ BMS dedicated to marina and port operators.

Can I downgrade my subscription?

Yes, you can downgrade your subscription anytime without losing data.

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